Role of Department Heads/Chairs

The Association established an expanded role for Department Heads/Chairs during its 1993 spring meeting thus recognizing that such involvement provides excellent opportunity for improved linkages across the Southern Region, sharper technical focus on key issues within activities of the Association, and more involvement and commitment of Department Heads/Chairs to the Advisory Committees and their functions. At the designation of the SAES director, other administrators with equivalent responsibility and experience, such as center directors, may also serve in the roles defined for department heads/chairs.

The roles of Department Heads in the affairs of the Association are (1) as Administrative Advisors to Information Exchange Groups and Conferences of this Association and to Southern Extension and Research Activities (SERAs) and (2) as members of established Administrative Advisory Committees of this Association. According to federal policy, Department Heads will not be asked to serve as administrative advisors to Multistate Research Projects.

Department Heads serving as Administrative Advisors will be appointed by the Chair of the Association or, in the case of SERAs, jointly by the Chairs of Southern Extension and Experiment Station Directors. They will normally serve for the approved duration of the activity involved, but may be replaced or asked to take other assignments from time to time as overall assignments are adjusted to meet changing workloads and needs. In their role as Administrative Advisors to SERAs, Department Heads/Chairs may represent both Southern Extension and Experiment Station Directors. Department Heads/Chairs are encouraged to seek advice of their SAES director or the Executive Director on matters of both procedure and content in assigned duties as Administrative Advisors.

Resources for the Department Head/Chair are available here: SAAESD Guidelines for Multistate Research Activities

Department Heads as Administrative Advisors:

  • Scope: Information Exchange Groups, Conferences, SERAs, Advisory Committees
  • Nominated: Experiment Station Director
  • Appointed: Chair of Association(s)