Operational Plan

The following goals, with associated objectives, will be pursued by the SAAESD over the next five years to improve the operations of the SAAESD in its mission to facilitate research of the member agricultural experiment stations. These goals and objectives were modified and/or adopted from the 1999-2003 ESCOP Strategic Plan and in so doing, the SAAESD will support the strategic initiatives outlined in that plan.

Goal 1. Improve the effectiveness of agricultural research.

Objective 1: Share research management approaches and successful leadership experiences through professional development programs, seminars, workshops, and in other ways.

Objective 2: Develop improved performance and accountability measures to better assure scientific quality and research relevance.

Objective 3: Develop, maintain, and share methods for assessing the impacts of research.

Objective 4: Enhance the effective use of the Southern Region’s research capacity (human, fiscal, and physical resources) for solving relevant problems.

Objective 5: Appropriately use merit assessment (stakeholders) and peer review (scientists) to ensure the relevance and quality of research activities.

Objective 6: Develop a program portfolio for the Southern Region’s research activities.

Goal 2. Expand the research capability of the Southern Region’s agricultural experiment stations to respond to stakeholder needs.

Objective 1: Emphasize the development of science-based knowledge and technology through a targeted portfolio of priority multistate, multidisciplinary and multifunctional research activities.

Objective 2: Develop a “rapid response” process for initiating short-term multistate research activities to address rapidly emerging issues or problems.

Objective 3: Expand consultation, participatory planning, and stakeholder involvement in program implementation.

Objective 4: Facilitate expanding funding opportunities, including the development of nontraditional sources of funding.

Objective 5: Directly contribute to CSREES’s reporting requirements.

Objective 6: Support communication of research impacts.

Goal 3. Expand and reinvigorate our strategic partnerships.

Objective 1: Strengthen partnerships among the member agricultural experiment stations.

Objective 2: Develop and enhance partnerships with federal agencies, private laboratories, commodity groups and other non-governmental organizations, including international partners.

Objective 3: Foster improved integration of research, extension, and academic programs.

Objective 4: Promote collaborations with cross-functional institutes, centers and similar organizations.