Termination Report for Multistate Activities

A termination report is required for each multistate activity and is due by March 1 of the year following termination of that activity. The termination report may replace the final year annual report.

The termination report is submitted via the National Information Management Support System (NIMSS) on the SAES-422 Form (Appendix D). To view the termination report requirements, character limitations, and instructions see the NIMSS User Manual, “Submit a Termination Report: SAES-422 (Appendix D)”.

The Termination Report follows the same format as described in Annual Accomplishments Report for Multistate Activities and may also serve as the Annual Report for the final year. If combining the final year annual report and the termination report, some aspects of the report will refer to the final year’s meeting (Annual Meeting Dates, Participants, and Brief Summary of Minutes) and some aspects will be comprehensive covering the full length of the project period (Period Covered, Accomplishments, Impacts, and Publications). Since an annual listing of accomplishments, impacts, and publications has been submitted via the Annual Reports on previous years, the termination report should contain only the most significant aspects of these for the reporting period.

The responsibility for submitting a termination report rests with the Administrative Advisor (AA). The AA, working with the project’s leadership, should ensure that a quality report is submitted by the deadline of March 1. For guidance in preparing an effective report, refer to Preparing an Effective SAES-422 Report. This document includes suggestions for preparation of an effective report, a copy of the SAES-422 format, and an example of a good quality annual report.