Southern Regional Multistate Research Committee (MRC)

The five-member MRC is the quality assurance mechanism for the Association.

The procedures provide for a review of multistate research projects with substantial decentralization of decision making to the regional level. As required by law, final approval of multistate research projects rests with USDA/CSREES/Multistate Research Office (MRO).

MRC is charged to thoroughly review proposals for new multistate research projects and extensions of current projects. A major objective of MRC is to conduct effective and meaningful reviews which include evaluating the quality of science, appropriateness, regional significance of proposals, and the adequacy of the procedures and participation. MRC is also charged to assure that the format and procedural aspects of the project proposals are done in accordance with procedures defined in the Guidelines for Multistate Research Activities.

The procedure currently being used by MRC for evaluation of project proposals is derived from theĀ Guidelines for Multistate Research Activities, Appendix H. It is recommended that Administrative Advisors make this information available to Development Committees as guidance for drafting the project proposal.

Through its Administrative Adviser, the Development Committee submits a proposal to MRC. This proposal has already undergone review by at least three external sources and the Development Committee has addressed concerns expressed by reviewers. Concerns, if any, of the MRC will be forwarded back to the Administrative Adviser. When MRC is satisfied with and subsequently approves the proposal, it is submitted (along with correspondence certifying conformity with all requirements) to the Executive Director who forwards it to USDA/CSREES/MRO with a recommendation for approval.

Note: All correspondence and documents including project proposals and completed peer review forms are transmitted in electronic format.

Sequence of MRC Responsibility on Project Proposals
Action Responsibility
Proposal with incorporated external reviewers’ comments submitted to Chair of MRC Administrative Advisor
Proposal sent to members of MRC Chair of MRC
Evaluation of proposal Members of MRC
Summary of evaluation returned to Administrative Advisor, if additional changes are needed Chair of MRC
MRC recommends approval and sends proposal and certification to the Executive Director Chair of MRC
Proposal approved by SAAESD and sent to USDA/CSREES/MRO Executive Director in behalf of Chair of Association
Notification of approval to Administrative Advisor, Directors of all participating stations, and the Executive Director USDA/CSREES/MRO