List of Southern Extension / Research Activities (SERA)

ES – Exp. Station
EXT – Extension
SERA Information Exchange Groups 
SERA03 Southern Region Information Exchange Group for IPM 1991 2022
ES – David Monks, NC
EXT – Nick Place, FL
SERA05 Sweet Potato Collaborators Conference 1991 2020 ES – David Monks, NC
EXT – Steve Martin, MS
SERA06 Methodology, Intepretation, and Implementation of Soil, Plant, Byproduct, and Water Analyses 1991 2022 ES – Nathan McKinney, AR
EXT – Tom O’breza, FL
 SERA017 Organization to Minimize Nutrient Loss from the Landscape 1993 2023 ES – Nathan McKinney, AR
EXT – Mike Buschermohle, TN
SERA018 Rice Technical Workers Group 1993 2023 ES -Michael Salassi, LA
EXT – Steve Martin, MS
SERA027 Nursery Crop and Landscape Systems 1997 2022 ES – Bob Houtz, KY
EXT – Rich Bonanno, NC
SERA035 Delta Region Farm Management and Agricultural Policy Working Group 2005 2020 ES – J.F. Meullenet, AR
EXT -Gary Jackson, MS


 Improving Production Efficiency of the Beef Cow Herd in Southeastern  2009 2024   ES- David White, TN
EXT – Mark McCann, GA
 SERA043 Southern Region Integrated Water Resources Coordinating Committee 2013 2024  ES- Wes Burger, MS
EXT – Saqib Mukhtar, FL
 SERA045 Crop diversification opportunities to enhance the viability of small farms 2014 2024 ES – Lesley Oliver, KY
EXT – Mike Phillips, AL
  SERA046 Framework for Nutrient Reduction Strategy Collaboration: The Role for Land Grant Universities 2014 2024 ES- Wes Burger, MS
EXT – John Lawrence, IA
SERA047 Strengthening the Southern Region Extension and Research System to Support Local & Regional Foods Needs and Priorities 2016 2021 ES- Bob Houtz, KY EXT- Ed Jones, VA
SERA048 Turf 2019 2024 ES- John Davis, FL
Ext – Gary Lemme, AL