SAAESD Virtual Fall Meeting

Tuesday, September 29, 2020


Time Item Number Agenda Item – Presenter
2:00 pm S1 Welcome and Introductions – Keith Owens

2:10 pm S2 SERA Review Committee Report – David Monks

  • Recommendations, Discussion & Motion for approval
    • SERA5 – Sweet Potato Collaborators’ Working Group
    • SERA35 – Delta Region Farm Management and Agricultural Policy Working Group
2:20 pm S3 Multistate Research Committee Report –Nathan McKinney

  • Approval of SCC33 & SCC80
2:30 pm S4 NRSP Review Committee Recommendations and Ballot Preview – Keith Owens

  • NRSP Renewals
    • NRSP4 – Facilitating Registration of Pest Management Technology for Specialty Crops and Specialty Uses
    • NRSP6 – The US Potato Genebank: Acquisition, Classification, Preservation, Evaluation and Distribution of Potato (Solanum) Germplasm
    • NRSP8 – National Animal Nutrition Program
  • NRSP Midterm Review
    • NRSP1 – Multistate Research Information Management and Impact Communications Program
  • NRSP Guidelines Revisions Discussion
  • NRSP-RC Recommendations and Voting Instructions

We are pleased to provide you with a link to the electronic voting for the FFY21 NRSP-RC recommendations, due 15 min after the NRSP-RC report during the Fall ESS Business meeting on 10/1: Please cast your vote using ONLY the online survey tool.

3:10 pm S5 Nominating Committee Report – Jean-Francois Meullenet

  • SAAESD Chair-elect
3:20 pm S6 Resolutions Committee Report – Lesley Oliver

  • Leadership Award Presentation – Keith Owens
3;30 pm S7 Discussion Items

  • Cotton Winter Nursery update – Gary Thompson
  • Communications & Marketing Committee update – Jean-Francois Meullenet
  • ESS Budget Preview Discussion – Gary Thompson
3:50 pm S8 Passing of the Gavel – Keith Owens
4:00 pm Adjourn