Publication Standards

Even though Southern Cooperative Series Bulletins will only be published in an electronic format on the World Wide Web, the following items should still be considered:

Style. For the entire series, standards of style and word usage will be based on the Council of Biology Editors Style Manual, Chicago Style Manual, and Websters New Collegiate Dictionary. In cases of words not present in Websters New Collegiate Dictionary, the Websters Unabridged Dictionary, latest edition, may be substituted. In cases where words have different spellings due to origins and usage (e.g., color or colour), the more frequently accepted spelling (usually first in Websters) will be followed.

To assist in style, word usage, and other publication preparation aspects, it is desirable that a writer-editor be selected to attend those technical committee meetings where cooperative series bulletins are being initiated or are under development.

Issues. Each cooperative series bulletin will be published as a separate issue. In cases where a series of related topics (each a separate bulletin) requires publication, titles may be used whereby a portion of the title is constant and each member of the sub-series is designated by a Roman numeral and its specific title (example: Marketing Fruit in the Southern United States. I. Apples)

Authors. Authors for cooperative series bulletins will be only those individuals who actually write the material as it appears in the bulletin. Manuscripts can be written entirely by all authors, or authors may be credited with specific chapters or other designated sections. The senior author is listed first with the others following in alphabetical order. If all authors are considered co-authors, they are listed alphabetically by state.

Foreword (or Preface). The foreword should include the following:

  • A listing of all cooperating states and agencies, with the publishing state or agency identified separately and the others following in alphabetical order.
  • A listing of the technical committee membership.
  • Acknowledgements or other recognition deemed appropriate by the technical committee.

By adhering to all the above publication standards, our readers can be assured that our electronic information is reliable and holds as much weight as a printed publication during a researcher’s promotion process.