Format Guidelines for Electronic Publications

These guidelines assume that you are familiar with Web publishing and the terms and actions associated with it. If you are not familiar with Web publishing, please contact your agency’s computer or communication specialists for assistance.

Go to SAAESD Web site. Select SAAESD INFOBOOK, PUBLISHING GUIDELINES, and then HTML TEMPLATE FOR SCSB–Cover, First Page, or Other Pages. Download the html file and associated graphics. These templates contain all the required elements for a publication; simply insert text and desired photos, charts, etc..

Each Southern Cooperative Series Bulletin should contain the following in the order listed:

  • Cover Sheet (Refer to template)
    • Title bar: use abbreviated name of publication and in parenthesis, the SCSB #.
    • Southern Cooperative Series Bulletin banner, centered; same size as in template.
    • Title of publication
    • Series publication number (assigned by Executive Director’s office)
    • Publication Date
    • URL
    • Contact Information (Experiment Station name, address, phone, etc.)
    • International Standard Book Number (ISBN) (assigned by Executive Director’s office)
  • First Section (Refer to template): (This may be the only section unless the length of the publication calls for separating Table of Contents’ sections into separate files).
    • Title bar: use abbreviated name of publication and in parenthesis, the SCSB #.
    • Southern Cooperative Series Bulletin banner: centered at the top of the publication; same size as in template. (The banner is to be used on the cover sheet, and again on the first page of the first section. Its use is not required on subsequent sections of the publication.)
    • Date of publication: flush left under banner.
    • Series publication number: flush right under banner.
    • Title of publication: centered.
    • Cover graphic or photo if desired: title may be part of the graphic.
    • Authors: List senior author(s) first, then others alphabetically. May want to link to their research bios.
    • Abstract: set off with horizontal lines.
    • Table of Contents: link to full text of each item in contents.
    • Foreword or Preface:
      • List cooperating states and agencies in alphabetical order, identifying the publishing station or agency separately.
      • List technical committee membership.
      • Provide acknowledgements or other recognition deemed appropriate by the technical committee.
    • Body: Publication text follows in logical sequence, unless separate files are deemed appropriate due to excessive length.
    • Citation: Reference the multistate project or activity (e.g. S-123, IEG-01, etc.) from which publication data were generated and the cooperating stations (specific wording on template).
    • EEO Statement: Provide an equal opportunity statement for “State Agricultural Experiment Stations”.
    • Document Preparer. In small type, list:

      Prepared by:
      Name of person and e-mail address (link to person’s e-mail)
      Name of agency

  • Subsequent Sections (if needed) (Refer to template)
    • Depending on length of publication, sections within the table of contents may need to be stand-alone files. If so, they should each contain:
      • The publication number (SCSB#) in the Title Bar
      • Text and graphics
      • A link back to contents or title page
      • Document preparer

The purpose of these documents is the sharing of research information easily and quickly. Please note the following:

  • Avoid large photos or graphics — may take too long to download.
  • Use alternate text for any graphics. Give readers text options if you present something in the form of a clickable graphic map (selecting any portion of the graphic takes the reader to a different set of information). Some people choose to turn off graphics when browsing the Web.
  • Take photographs with digital camera for best results.
  • Avoid small or italicized type — very hard to read on screen.