Method to Request New or Renewed Southern Coordinating Committee

General Procedures for Southern Coordinating Committee (SCC):

The following describes the procedure to be used to request approval of the Association to initiate or renew an Southern Coordinating Committee. The objective of the process is to assure a sufficiently well defined proposal for members of the Association to make a quality decision on its disposition.

    • Proposals for a new or renewed SCC may be (1) prepared by a group of interested scientists (“bottom-up” approach) and submitted by a sponsoring Director or Administrative Advisor (AA) or (2) identified by the Association and assigned to a Director for development in a “top-down” approach.
    • A sponsoring director or Administrative Advisor submits the proposal to the Association through the Executive Director using the web-based National Information Management Support System (NIMSS) Appendix B.
    • Both the SCC Administrative Advisor and the Writing Committee Chair will have access to edit the proposal in NIMSS prior to submission for review and approval.
    • Advisory Committees and the Multistate Research Committee review the SCC proposal and recommend disposition to the Executive Director who collects and summarizes all inputs.
    • The SCC proposal is approved or rejected on vote by the Chief Operating Officers of the Association at their Spring or Fall meetings.
    • A complete, detailed list of steps in the entire process to develop an SCC and who is responsible for each step can be found in Steps and Responsibilities in Development of an Southern Coordinating Committee.

Timeline for SCC Requests:

  •  In the case of renewal of an existing SCC, requests should be submitted 9 months prior to its expiration date, but no later than 4 months prior. This allows time for review and approval of the SCC prior to expiration of the current project.
  • Requests for a new SCC may be submitted at any time.


  •  An SCC will normally last for five years, but may be extended one year with a request and justification submitted to the Executive Director.

Components of the Proposal for a New or Renewed Southern Coordinating Committee:

An Southern Coordinating Committee (SCC) request should be a brief proposal describing the intended new SCC or the need to renew a current SCC.  Outlined below are descriptions of the Appendix B components in NIMSS required for an SCC request. The SCC request should not exceed the equivalent of three pages in length.

When the first draft of an SCC proposal is entered into Appendix B, NIMSS will automatically assigned a S_temp number for identification.  Entering and editing the proposal in NIMSS can be done by either the Administrative Advisor or the designated Writing Committee Chair after authorization is given by the System Administrator in the Executive Director?s Office. Working drafts should be saved for further editing using the ?Save as a Working Copy? function. When the SCC proposal is ready for review and an approval decision, it should be saved using the ?Submit as Final? function, which will automatically notify the ED Office of its status.  Also at this time, the Administrative Advisor should inform the ED Office of which Advisory Committees (two or more) the Writing Committee think are appropriate to review the SCC proposal.  When the SCC is approved, an SCC number will replace the S_temp number.

Following is a description of the Appendix B components that are to be included in an SCC proposal.

  1. Title:

A brief, clear, specific statement of the subject of the planned activity. This should not exceed 140 letters and spaces. Do not use terms such as Research on…, or Studies of…, or Investigation of….

  1. Statement of Issue(s) and Justification:

Include a brief statement of (1) the nature and significance of the issue(s) for which the SCC is proposed, and (2) how the proposed activity addresses national and/or regional priorities. (Limit this section to approximately one-half page). In this statement identify the sets of stakeholders, customers, and/or consumers for whom the activity is intended.

III. Objectives:

Give clear and succinct statements that describe what is to be done, against which the progress of the proposed activity can be measured. Objectives for SCCs need to emphasize coordination of activities and the exchange of information. They must not be generalized objectives, but rather they should be very specific. They will probably not be traditional research objectives.

  1. Expected Outcomes and Impacts:

Briefly discuss the expected outcomes and the impacts of the proposed activity. Examples of possible outcomes include, but are not limited to:

      • Coordination of specific research and extension programs.
      • Exchange of ideas and/or information/data.
      • Generate interest in a specific research and extension area (e.g., a symposium or workshop).
      • Publication of research articles and/or review articles on a common issue.
      • Evaluation and standardization of methods or techniques leading to the development of a common protocol.
      • Identification of critical/key research and education issues.
  1. Internal and External Linkages:

It is preferred that a completed table of participants utilizing the format in Appendix E be included with the proposal. It is important to document the extent of participation in the proposed activity to show integration across functions, disciplines, institutional, and/or states. Names of participants, their employing institution, his or her scientific discipline, and the type of appointment (research, extension, joint research and extension, etc.) should be included.

Because no official personnel resource commitment of SY, PY, or TY is required for participation in an SCC, the experiment station director is not required to complete and approve an Appendix E form, although they may do so if desired. If Appendix E is not used for all participants, this information should be included as an attachment to the proposal in Appendix B.

  1. Educational Plan:

Briefly describe how any appropriate stakeholder groups will be informed about the activities of this SCC. If applicable, include descriptions concerning equality for service, ease of access to services/information, and any focus on under-served and/or under represented communities/ consumers that may benefit from this proposed activity and what the plans are for disseminating information to these and other groups.

VII. Governance:

If standard governance, please click on the link indicated in Appendix B. Otherwise, describe the processes that will be used for selecting leadership and for decision-making.

VIII. Attachments:

  1. Procedural Plan – If any unique or noteworthy procedures will be used to address particular objectives, describe these procedures and include the document as an attachment to the proposal in this section of Appendix B.