Impact Statements

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Southern Region Multistate Project Impact Statements

  • S-009: Plant Genetic Resources Conservation and Utilization
  • S-294: Quality and Safety of Fresh-cut Produce
  • S-1024: Discovery of Entomopathogens and their Integration and Safety in Pest Management Systems
  • S-1025: Systems for Controlling Air Pollutant Emissions and Indoor Environments of Poultry,Swine, and Dairy Facilities
  • S-1026: Textile Materials and Technologies Addressing Energy, Health and Other National Security Issues
  • S-1028: Ecological and genetic diversity of soilborne pathogens and indigenous microflora
  • S-1029: Improved Methods to Combat Mosquitoes and Crop Pests in Rice Fields
  • S-1030: Flies Impacting Livestock, Poultry and Food Safety
  • S-1031: Improvement and Sustainability of Channel-Blue Hybrid Catfish Embryo Production and Performance
  • S-1032: Animal Production Systems: Synthesis of Methods to Determine Triple Bottom Line Sustainability from Findings of Reductionist Research
  • S-1039: Biology, impact, and management of soybean insect pests in soybean production systems
  • S-1045: Genetic Considerations for Beef Cattle Production in Challenging Environments
  • S-1046: Improved management of plant-parasitic nematodes through modern diagnostic tools and increased use of host resistance
  • S-1049: Integrated Management of Pecan Arthropod Pests in the Southern U.S.
  • S-1050: Consumer Behavior & Marketing in the Fresh Produce Industry
  • S-1052: The Working Group on Improving Microbial Control of Arthropod Pests
  • S-1060: Fly Management in Animal Agriculture
  • SERA-003: Southern Region Information Exchange Group for IPM
  • SERA-005: Sweet Potato Collaborators
  • SERA-006:  Methodology, Interpretation, and Implementation of Soil, Plant, Byproduct, and Water Analyses
  • SERA-027: Nursery Crop and Landscape Systems
  • SCC-80: (2010-2015): Sustaining the Future of Plant Breeding
  • SCC-81: Sustainable Small Ruminant Production in the Southeastern U.S.

Research reporting: Why it matters and how to do it well

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