Executive Committee

The Executive Committee meets on call by the Chair. It is comprised of the Chair, Chair-Elect, Past Chair, Treasurer, Executive Committee Member at Large, Chair of the Multistate Research Committee, and the Executive Director. The Executive Committee may be called to act on interim affairs of the Association, if the Chair deems it necessary. The Executive Committee is empowered to deal with operational responsibilities as follows:

  • Appoint Administrative Advisers and representatives to groups.
  • Make recommendations on off-the-top funding.
  • Make recommendations to establish IEGs, TFs, etc.
  • Approve establishment of Development Committees.
  • Set meeting agendas.
  • Act for Association between meetings, especially on issues of national importance.
  • Provide oversight of ED’s activities.
  • Provide management information to Association.

In response to these actions of the Executive Committee, the Association membership would then:

  • Vote on recommendations of Executive Committee.
  • Provide discussion for agenda items.
  • Approve association budget (by Chief Operating Officers).
  • Evaluate the Executive Director annually (by Chief Operating Officers).
  • Vote on any funding commitments and policy changes.