September 23, 2002 Meeting Minutes

SAAESD Fall Meeting

September 23, 2002
Pier 5 Hotel
Baltimore, MD

Participants  |  Action Items  |  Agenda


Jerry Arkin, GA
Jim Bannon, AL
Susan Barefoot, SC
Michael Barrett (ESCOP Intern, KY)
David Boethel, LA
William F. Brown, FL
William H. Brown, LA
Jerry Cherry, GA
Nancy Cox, MS
Mary Duryea, FL
Jim Fischer, SC
Marty Fuller, MS
T. J. Helms, Exec. Dir.
Robin Huettel, AL
Richard Jones, FL
Skip Jubb, VA
Tom Klindt, TN
Ron Lacewell, TX
Alberto Pantoja, PR
Rick Roeder, AR
Charles Scifres, TX
Clarence Watson, MS
Vance Watson, MS
Bob Westerman, OK
Greg Weidemann, AR
Johnny Wynne, NC
Eric Young, NC
George Cooper, CSREES

Action Items

  • Agenda Item 3: MRC Report – MRC will review process for Development Committee approval and report at spring meeting for discussion and possible modification. Dr. Cox will lead the effort.
  • Agenda Item 4: Project Requests –
    • Activities approved for renewal are: IEG-72, SERA-IEG-6, SERA-IEG-11, SERA-IEG-12, SERA-IEG-27.
    • An IEG Conference entitled “Southern Pine Bark Beetle Workshop” was approved for two years.
  • Agenda Item 8: Nominating Committee Report – Greg Weidemann was approved as Chair-elect and Tom Klindt was approved as Executive Committee Member at Large.


Time Agenda # Agenda Item – Presenter
8:00 Welcome and Introductions – Vance Watson
8:20 1. Approval of Agenda, Minutes, and Interim Actions – Vance Watson
8:30 2. NRSP Task Force Report – T. J. Helms
9:15 3. Multistate Research Committee Report – Nancy Cox
9:30 4. Review and Decisions on Project Requests – Vance Watson
9:45 5. IPM Program Update – David Boethel
10:00 Break
10:30 6. Comments from retiring and incoming Executive Directors – T. J. Helms and Eric Young
10:50 7. Spring Meeting Agenda – Charles Scifres and Eric Young
11:10 8. Nominating Committee Report – William H. Brown
11:20 9. Resolutions Committee Report – William F. Brown
11:30 10. Changing of the Guard – Vance Watson
11:45 11. Closing Remarks of the Incoming Chair – Charles Scifres

Agenda Item 1.
Approval of Agenda, Minutes, and Interim Actions

Presenter: Vance Watson

Background: The following items will be presented for approval:


  • Agenda
  • Minutes from the March, 2002 meeting in Savannah, GA
  • Interim Actions:
    • Appointed Laura Sims (NC) as Administrative Advisor to AC-3, “Advisory Committee on Human Sciences Research Administration,” replacing Janet Johnson (VA).
    • Appointed David Bridges (GA) as Administrative Advisor to SERA-IEG-33, “Current Isses in Weed Biology, Weed/Crop Interactions, and Weed Management in the Southern Region,” replacing Charles Scifres (TX).
    • Appointed Garry Adams (TX) as Southern Region Administrative Advisor to NRSP-7, “A National Agriculture Program to Approve Animal Drugs for Minor Species and Uses,” replacing John Neilson.
    • Appointed Ron Lacewell (TX) as the Administrative Advisor to S-1000, “Animal Manure and Waste Utilization, Treatment and Nuisance Avoidance for a Sustainable Agriculture,” replacing Frank Gilstrap.
    • Appointed Greg Weidemann (AR) as the Administrative Advisor to SERA-IEG-14, “Development and Evaluation of Bunch and Muscadine Grapes for Fresh Market, Juice, Wine, and Other Products,” replacing Billy Dozier (AL).
    • Approved DC-201, “Mineral Controls on P Retention and Release in Soils and Soil Amendments,” to write a replacement for S-280; Eric Young, Administrative Advisor.
    • Approved DC-202, “Nutritional Systems for Swine to Increase Reproductive Efficiency,” to write a replacement for S-288; Nancy Cox, Adminstrative Advisor.
    • Approved S-1007, “The Science and Engineering for a Biobased Industry and Economy,” with Jim Fischer as Administrative Advisor.

Action Requested: Approval.

Action Taken: Minutes and Interim Actions approved.

Agenda Item 2.
NRSP Task Force Report

Presenter: T. J. Helms

Background: The NRSP Task Force Report ( represents the penultimate step in an effort to make much needed improvements in our National Research Support Project (NRSP) program and portfolio. We expect the final step to be adoption of its recommendations by the Experiment Station Section of the NASULGC Board on Agriculture Assembly and the Cooperative State Research, Education and Extension Service, USDA. Activities et sequence that have lead to the development of this report include:

  1. An informal, on-line survey conducted by Dr. David MacKenzie (two reports available at and
  2. Subsequently an in-depth survey and analysis was conducted by Liesel Ritchie and her staff from the Social Science Research Center (SSRC), Mississippi State University under sponsorship of a Cooperative Agreement from CSREES. The survey included three groups: the first group were individuals who had served on the Committee of Nine (C-9); the second were persons who currently serve as administrative advisors for NRSPs; and, the third were directors who were not currently and/or had not previously been directly involved with NRSPs. The report from this activity entitled, “National Research Support Projects: An Evaluation of Processes” is available on the ESCOP website at
  3. These survey efforts led to the establishment of the current NRSP Task Force charged to develop recommendations on a new management structure and policies for the NRSP portfolio. The Task Force held a one-day, noon to noon, facilitated planning session led by Liesel Ritchie and her staff from the SSRC Decision Support Laboratory (DSL). Participating Task Force members included: Nancy Cox, Gary Cunningham, Sam Donald, Mike Harrington, T. J. Helms, Preston Jones, Gary Lemme, Daryl Lund, Sally Maggard, Vicki McCracken, Larry Miller, Alfred Parks, Daniel Rossi, Robert Seem, Lee Sommers, William Trumble, Richard Wootton, and Eric Young.

The need to develop new guidelines for the NRSP program is a matter of some considerable urgency. Therefore, the recommendations from the Task Force will be reviewed by the SAES Directors during their respective Regional Association meetings on September 23, 2002. This approach will give Directors an opportunity to provide initial feedback before the guidelines are drafted. It has been suggested that the National Multistate Coordinating Committee should draft a proposed set of guidelines for adoption by the ESCOP Executive Committee at its meeting during the annual meeting of NASULGC. Then, immediately following the Executive Committee meeting the draft guidelines should be placed on the ESCOP website for review and comment by members of ESS (a two-week comment period was suggested). The final draft should then be ready to forward to CSREES for approval by early January 2003.

Action Requested: Discussion of NRSP Task Force Report and recommendations contained therein.


  • 2/3 vote is not appropriate, should be simple majority, consensus of group on this
  • ARS to national level oversight committee, if possible
  • Might want to add at-large members from other agencies, ie. Forest Service, ERS
  • Should be possibility of NRSP with less than 5-years life

Agenda Item 3.
Multistate Research Committee (MRC) Report

Presenter: Nancy Cox, Chair

Background: The status of projects currently under review are:

  • S-1007: “The Science and Engineering for a Biobased Industry and Economy” – Jim Fischer, AA
    Approved by SAAESD 9/02; CSREES returned to AA for minor revision.
  • S_temp021 (S-281 replacement): “Dynamic Soybean Pest Management for Evolving Agricultural Technologies and Cropping Systems” – David Boethel, AA
    Project reviewed by MRC and returned to AA for minor revision.
  • S_temp041 (S-284 replacement): “Genetic Selection and Crossbreeding to Enhance Reproduction and Survival of Dairy Cattle” – Nancy Cox, AA
    Project reviewed by MRC and returned to AA for minor revision.

Action Requested: For information.


  • DC approval needs to be tightened up with emphasis on innovation and creativity in review
  • Approval process for DC needs to go beyond Executive Committee.

Action Taken: MRC will review process for DC approval and report at spring meeting for discussion and possible modification. Cox will lead this effort.

Agenda Item 4.
Review New or Modified Activities

Presenter: Vance Watson


Activities requesting renewal/revision are:

Activity #
(Adm. Advisor)
Activity Title Status
(Nancy Cox, KY)
Enhancing Reproductive Efficiency in Cattle Renewal request received 8/30/02; Renewal request approved by AC-2. See
(Bob Westerman, OK)
Methodology, Intepretation, and Implementation of Soil, Water, Byproduct, and Water Analyses Requested approval of a revised project is approved by AC-1. See With this revision request, a new duration of 2002-2007 is requested. The current activity is scheduled to terminate 2003.
(Al Smith, GA)
Review and Coordination of Oilseed Rape Research Programs in the Southern Region Renewal request approved by AC-1. See
(Gerald Jubb, VA)
Southern Forest Insect Worker Conference Renewal request approved by AC-12 and AC-13. See
(Dewayne Ingram, KY)
Nursery Crop and Landscape Systems Renewal request approved by AC-1. AC-6 recommends approval for one additional term only if better quantification of scholarly work is produced by the group. See

Status of the following activities is presented for information only:

Activity #
(Adm. Advisor)
Activity Title Status
(John Sherwood, GA)
Plant Root Environment Terminating 9/30/02. No renewal request received.
(John Sherwood, GA)
Mycotoxins in Food and Feed Grains Terminating 9/30/02. No renewal request received.
(Bo Beaulieu, SRDC)
Rural Restructuring: Causes and Consequences of Globalized Agricultural and Natural Resource Systems Terminating on schedule; will later go in a new direction with a new project.
(Bob Shulstad, GA)
Food Demand, Nutrition and Consumer Behavior Terminating on schedule “due to lack of participation, lack of contribution to the project and lack of reporting of progress.”
(Frank Gilstrap, TX)
Sustaining and Improving Profitability of Wheat/Stocker Cattle Enterprise in the Southern Great Plains Terminating on schedule. The group is functioning under auspices of Southwestern Wheat Research and Education Consortium.
(Fred Knapp, KY)
Managing Plant-Parasitic Nematodes in Sustainable Agriculture with Emphasis on Crop Resistance Will terminate 9/02. Development Committee 01-01 will continue work on replacement activity for possible start 1/1/03.
(Allan Jones, TX)
Develop and Assess Precision Farming Technology and Its Economic and Environmental Impacts Will terminate 9/30/02; no request for Development Committee received.

Action Requested: Approval of renewal/revision requests for IEG-72, SERA-IEG-6, SERA-IEG-11, SERA-IEG-12, and SERA-IEG-27.

Action Taken:

  • IEG-72 approved on motion/second by Cox/Brown.
  • SERA-IEG-6 approved on motion/second by Westerman/Scifres.
  • SERA-IEG-11 approved on motion/second by Cherry/Cox.
  • SERA-IEG-12 approved on motion/second by Jubb/Arkin.
  • SERA-IEG-27 approved on motion/second by Cox/Huettel.
  • A workshop on the Southern Pine Bark Beetle to address the problem and to discuss access to federal funding was approved on motion/second of Scifres/Klindt as a two-year IEG-Conference.

Agenda Item 5.
IPM Program Update

Presenter: David Boethel


  • IPM Grants Program
    • By the deadline of August 15, letters of intent to submit proposals were received as follows:
      • 75 – research
      • 9 – Extension
      • 3 – Joint

      Initially, there were more letters of intent, but some persons have already expressed no interest in developing a full proposal. Information from the north central region is that 20% of the total will probably not complete full proposals, which are due October 29.

    • Reviewers are expected to be in place to complete reviews by the end of this year. The tentative time for this is the first week of December.
    • A Grants’ manager for next year is still needed. This job should not be the facilitator’s responsibility.
    • The RFP, now called RFA by CSREES, needs some changes to make it more understandable. It was completely modified by CSREES to accommodate new electronic retrieval of forms, etc.
  • IPM Facilitator PositionThe IPM facilitator position for the southern region will be announced in the near future (perhaps by the end of September). The position will be advertised on the Pest Management Center’s website and on websites of ESA, APS, and the Weed Science Society. It is anticipated that applications could be evaluated during a steering committee meeting in November, with interviews immediately following. A small group is lined up to serve on the evaluation committee. The position is expected to be filled by January 1, 2003, or soon thereafter.

Action Requested: For Information.


  • Reviewed changes in process to utilize “letter of intent” as a preproposal screening.
  • IPM Facilitator position has been advertised and hope to have it filled by Jan 1.

Agenda Item 6.
Comments from Retiring and Incoming Executive Directors

Presenter: T. J. Helms and Eric Young

Background: Retiring and incoming Executive Directors will make brief comments.

Action Requested: For Information.

Agenda Item 7.
Spring Meeting Agenda

Presenter: Charles Scifres and Eric Young

Background: The spring, 2003 SAAESD meeting is scheduled for March 31 – April 2 at Hawks Cay Resort in Duck Key, FL, located in the Florida Keys about 90 miles south of Miami. The meeting agenda and ideas concerning future spring meetings will be discussed.

Action Requested: For Information.


  • Stakeholder advisory group
  • SSRC capability and use
  • Items requested for joint agenda with ASRED
  • Issue analysis and discussion leading to published report
  • Leadership award nominations requested

Agenda Item 8.
Nominating Committee Report

Presenter: William H. Brown

Background: The Nominating Committee will present a nominee for Chair-Elect. In addition to membership on the SAAESD Executive Committee for three years as Chair-Elect, Chair, and then as Past Chair, the person in this position also is a Southern Region Voting Member of ESCOP for the same three year period. As approved during the spring, 2002 meeting, the term of office begins at the conclusion of the fall SAAESD meeting, held in conjunction with the ESS meeting.

Action Requested: Approval.

Action Taken:

  • Greg Weidemann was approved as chair-elect on motion/second by Brown/Scifres.
  • Tom Klindt was approved as Executive Committee Member at Large on motion/second by Brown/Scifres.

Agenda Item 9.
Resolutions Committee Report

Presenter: William F. Brown

Background: Resolutions will be presented for the following persons who have left the Association:

  • John Dooley, VA – Serving as Associate Provost for Outreach
  • Janet Johnson, VA – Retired
  • Steven Lommel, NC – Serving as Assistant Vice-Chancellor for Research

Action Requested: Approval.

Agenda Item 10.
Changing of the Guard

Presenter: Vance Watson

Background: Outgoing chair, Vance Watson, will present the Association’s official gavel, a pocket knife, to incoming chair, Charles Scifres. (See Legend of the Knife on the Association’s homepage.)

Action Requested: For information.

Agenda Item 11.
Closing Remarks of the Incoming Chair

Presenter: Charles Scifres

Background: Incoming chair, Charles Scifres, will make closing remarks and adjourn the meeting.

Action Requested: For information.


  • Dr. Scifres wants to reconnect Directors to SAAESD and re-energize association.
  • Need to examine SAAESD budget during next year to make sure it is adequate for effective functioning of ED office.

Meeting adjourned 10:15am.

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