February 1, 1999 SAAESD Planning Meeting Minutes

SAAESD Planning Meeting

February 1, 1999
Barclay Room – Peabody Hotel
Memphis, TN
(In conjunction with SAAS Meetings)


Jerry Arkin (GA)
Bill Brown (LA)
Bob Cannell (VA)
Jerry Cherry (GA)
D.C. Coston (OK)
Nancy Cox (MS)
Everett Emino (FL)
Jim Fischer (SC)
Tom Helms (ED)
Richard Jones (FL)
Gerald Jubb (VA)
Tom Klindt (TN)
Fred Knapp (KY)
David Morrison (LA)
Anna M. Rasberry
Don Richardson (TN)
Mike Salassi (LA)
Charles Scifres (AR)
Ike Sewell (TN)
David Teem (AL)
Phil Utley (GA)
Luther Waters (AL)
Vance Watson (MS)
Greg Weidemann (AR)
Eric Young (NC)

Items discussed:

  1. Plans for Southern Region Mini Land-Grant (MLG) Meeting — Dr. Bill Brown invited the SAAESD membership to make plans to participate in the Southern Region Mini Land-Grant meeting scheduled for August 14-16, 1999, in Baton Rouge, LA. Dr. Brown distributed brochures with a tentative schedule and called attention to a Conference website: http://www.agctr.lsu.edu/wwwac/99landgrant/index.htm. The schedule allows individual associations to meet either before or after the MLG general session. A show of hands indicated that directors were almost evenly divided on their preference to meet before MLG (on Saturday/Sunday am) or after MLG (Monday pm -Tuesday). It was agreed that a joint meeting with Extension was very important and that scheduling should be adjusted to accomodate that meeting.
  2. SAAESD Planning Committee — Committee Chair, Eric Young, led discussions related to the following items resulting in updated documents which will be posted in the Planning section of the SAAESD Homepage for further review and subsequent approval at the 1999 spring meeting in Lexington, KY.Mission and Vision Statements
    • Discuss Draft Mission and Vision Statements and suggested revisions.
    • Approve final draft Mission and Vision statements to be ratified at April SAAESD meeting.

    Research Advisory Board

    • Discuss Draft Proposal for Establishing a SAAESD Research Advisory Board
    • Approve final proposal for Research Advisory Board to be ratified at April SAAESD meeting.

    Operational Plan

    • Review Draft SAAESD Operational Plan, adopted from 1999-2003 ESCOP Strategic Plan.
    • Modify / add / delete goals and/or objectives to develop final draft of Operational Plan to be ratified at April SAAESD meeting.
  3. Plan of Work Meeting Summary — Dr. Helms distributed a summary of the Plan of Work (POW) Meeting held in Dallas, TX on January 25, 1999. Discussions ensued regarding the advantages of a regional POW. [END]