Conferences are approved and conducted as a one-time event to address a contemporary topic of specific interest and importance to the mission of the SAESs in the Southern Region. Conferences often are conducted in cooperation with Southern Extension Directors. The product of a conference is a proceedings which documents presentations and summarizes the issues and answers that formed the basis for the meeting. The Conference is a single purpose, single meeting vehicle for communication.


  • Document the state-of-the-art in a specific area of importance to Southern Experiment Station Directors and also, in many cases, to Extension Directors.
  • Develop a communication to determine the need for and utility of another type of activity.
  • Set the stage for preparation of a joint proposal for external funding by consortia of scientists from Southern Agricultural Experiment Stations.
  • Provide a mechanism for broad communication with leaders in industry, government and academia on topics of relevance to the Southern Region.

A request for a Conference Committee, which may be made by any Director, should clearly identify the scope and expected benefit for the Conference.

Initial membership for the Technical Committee of the Conference is obtained by the Administrative Advisor soliciting appointments from individual SAES directors (and Southern Extension Directors in the case of SERAs). The Technical Committee is responsible for determining future participation and may issue broader invitations for conference participation.

The Administrative Advisor works with the group proposing the Conference to identify a Conference Chair and to develop the general theme of the conference. The Administrative Advisor notifies all Directors and collaborating agencies of the Conference. The Chair has responsibility for organizing and conducting the Conference and for preparation of the proceedings. Proceedings may be published as a Southern Regional publication, if appropriate.