Collaboration Assistance

Off-Season Nurseries Used by Southern Crop Breeders

The southern region experiment station directors work to identify all areas where interstate collaboration among faculty, departments, and colleges could be further enhanced to increase both effectiveness and efficiency of our research programs. One excellent example of this type of collaboration is in the cooperative use of off-season nurseries by southern plant breeders. These nurseries provide locations with on-site management for university breeders, along with USDA/ARS and industry breeders, to increase breeder’s seed and preform other off-season activities that greatly accelerates progress in crop improvement.

The link below goes to information on off-season nurseries used by breeders in the southern region for eight different field crops. Information provided includes nursery location, local management entity, institutions utilizing nursery, and possibilities for additional collaborators.

Off-Season Nurseries

Outlying Research Stations

An interactive map of all SAAESD member institutions’ outlying research stations and searchable database on research activities at those stations. The database may be searched for research activities at a specific station or for all stations with research activity on a particular commodity (ie. all stations with research on cotton, dairy cattle, peanuts, etc.). Contact information for each station and a link to its web site is also available.

This database will facilitate collaborations in field research activities across states to increase efficiency and broaden applicability of results.

Outlying Research Station Map

Examples of Existing MOAs and MOUs for Multi-Institutional Collaboration

Memorandums of Agreement/Understanding for multi-institutional collaborations among Southern Region institutions with shared faculty and/or facilities. These examples of successfully negotiated and operating collaborations will assist directors in developing terms and conditions for future collaborations that increase the effectiveness and efficiency of agricultural research in the Southern Region.

Examples of Interstate Resource Sharing