Southern Cooperative Series (148-243)

Number TITLEĀ (Project/Activity Number) PUB.
148 Selected Coastal Plain Soil Properties FL 1970
149 Utilization of Cotton by Textile Mills in the United States, 1964-65 LA 1969
150 Planning Data for Marketing Selected Fruits and Vegetables in the South. Part II – Freezing Handbook NC 1969
151 Evaluations of Pepper Plant Introductions GA 1970
152 Planning Data for Marketing Selected Fruits and Vegetables in the South. Part III – Fresh Vegetable Packing Handbook NC 1970
153 Marketing Woody Ornamentals: Practices and Trends of Retail Outlets in the South FL 1970
154 Area Comparisons of Auction Market Selling Costs and Returns for Cattle and Calves in the South KY 1971
155 Genetic Interrelationships of Milk Composition and Yield FL 1970
156 Egg Marketing Practices in Seven Southern States SC 1970
157 Soils of the Hayesville, Cecil and Pacolet Series of the Southern Appalachian and Piedmont Regions of the United States NC 1971
158 Forest Fertilization Research in the South: A Review and Analysis TX 1972
159 Thirty Years of Cooperative Sweet Potato Research 1939-69 LA 1970
160 Resource Use Adjustments in Major US Rice Areas: Part 3 – Tenure, Supply and Demand AR 1971
161 Plant Introduction and Development of New Crops in the South GA 1971
162 Burley Tobacco: The Effects of Prices and Allotments on Production, Farm Resource Use, and Income KY 1971
163 Levels and Locations of Fluid Milk Production, Processing, and Consumption in the South, 1965 and 1975 MS 1971
164 Anomiaa and Differential Success in the Rural South FL 1971
165 Composition and Digestibility of Southern Forages FL 1971
166 Peanut Variety and Quality Evaluation in Virginia and North Carolina, 1968-70 Results NC 1971
167 Behavior of Specific Herbicides in Plants and Soils AR 1972
168 The Future of the South in Soybean Processing Industry, 1975 AR 1972
169 Distribution, Abundance and Control of Heliothis Species in Cotton and Other Host Plants OK 1972
170 Metabolic Patterns in Pre-Adolescent Children – Description of 1970 Study VA 1971
171 Estimates of Feedstuffs Feed and Costs of Feeding Beef AL 1971
172 Food Purchasing Practices Related to Behavioral and Socio-Economic Characteristics TX 1972
173 Factors Affecting Meat Purchases. Consumer Acceptance of Ground Beef at Three Fat levels With and Without Soya Bits GA 1972
174 Soils of the Southern States and Puerto Rico NC 1973
175 Area Differences for In-Plant Beef Slaughter Costs TN 1972
176 Economic and Operational Characteristics of the Southern Beef Cattle Industry SC 1972
177 A Special Analysis of Beef Feeding and Slaughtering With Emphasis on the South NC 1973
178 A Monograph of the Soil of the Southern Mississippi River Valley Alluvium AR 1972
179 The South’s Hog-Pork Industry and Vertical Coordination AR 1973
180 Landscape Plants and Lawns in the South: Homeowner’s Expenditure and Use Patterns AL 1973
181 Labor Utilization and Cost of Egg Packing Plants in Seven Southern States GA 1974
182 Housing Conditions and Housing Problems Perceived by Families in Selected Low-Income Areas of Georgia, Texas and Virginia, 1969 GA 1973
183 The Relation of Soil Microorganisms to Soilborne Plant Pathogens VA 1974
184 Expenditure Patterns for Landscape Plants and Lawns by Apartment Owners in the South AL 1974
185 Changes in Labor Force Characteristics of Women in Low Income Rural Areas of the South AR 1974
186 Land use on Southern Beef-Producing Farms SC 1974
187 Economic Models for Rice Mills in the South AR 1974
188 Space Requirements for Living and Sleeping Areas in Rural Homes VA 1976
189 Effect of Two Soil Activators on Crop Yields and Activities of Soil Microorganisms in the Southern United States TX 1974
190 Procedures Used by State Soil Testing Laboratories in the Southern Region of the United States AL 1974
190-B Procedures Used by State Soil Testing Laboratories in the Southern Region of the United States (SERA-IEG-6) FL 1998
Procedures Used by State Soil Testing Labs in the Southern Region of the United States (SERA-IEG-6) TN 2001
191 Household Economic Management: Present Housing Conditions and Housing Problems of Low income Families TX 1974
192 Vertical Coordination of Beef in the South – Nature of Different Systems TX 1975
193 Processing Farm-Raised Catfish AL 1974
194 Governmental Landscaping Regulations in Seven Southern States AR 1975
195 Non-Residential Landscaping in the South AL 1975
196 Spatial Price Differentials for Corn TN 1975
197 Low-Income Housing in South Carolina: Factors Related to Residential Satisfaction SC 1975
198 Factors Affecting Water Yields from Small Watersheds and Shallow Ground Aquifers NC 1975
199 Hydrologic Data Summaries for Small Watersheds in the Southern Region SC 1975
200 Evaluation of a Model for Simulating Continuous Streamflow From Small Watersheds VA 1975
201 Evaluation of a Model for Simulating Monthly Water Yields From Small Watersheds KY 1975
202 Field Procedures for Predicting Runoff Rates From Small Watersheds TN 1975
203 Water Yields From Shallow Ground Aquifers SC 1975
204 Economic Aspects of Contract Marketing of Cotton AR 1975
205 Some Statistical Characteristics of Part-Time Beef Farming in the South SC 1975
206 Housing Practices Among Low-Income Families in Selected Areas of Georgia, Texas and Virginia VA 1975
207 Structure of the Grain Market in Surplus Feed Grain Areas IN 1975
208 Sampling Adult Pecan Weevils MS 1976
209 Grain Movements Between Southern and Cornbelt States ~ ~
210 Forest Habitat Regions From Satellite Imagery AL 1976
211 Environmental Guidelines for Fertilizer Use (S-82) ~ 1976
212 Measuring the Impact of Natural Resource Investments on Employment, Income and Economic Structure MS 1976
213 Description of Feasible Beef and Forage Enterprises Analyzed in Economics of Beef Production Industry in Different Areas of the South AL 1976
214 Minimum Resource Requirements and Optimum Enterprise Combinations to Attain $7,000 Net Farm Income in Selected Areas of the South TN 1976
215 Structure of Grain marketing in the South KY 1977
216 Vertical Coordination of the Southern Livestock-Meat Sector TN 1976
217 Maximizing Operator’s Returns on Large Commercial Farms in Beef Producing Areas of the South GA 1977
218 Nutrition and Feeding of Channel Catfish AL 1977
219 Analyses of Clay, Silt and Sand Fractions of Selected Soils from the Southeastern United States KY 1978
220 Forage-Fed Beef Production and Marketing Alternatives in the South NC 1977
221 The Midwestern and Southern United States Grain Structures and Merchandising Patterns: A Contrast OH 1977
222 Diagnosis and Correction of Zinc Problems in Corn and Rice Production NC 1977
223 Genetics and Breeding of Channel Catfish AL 1978
224 The Emerging Structure of the Southern Dairy Industry AL 1978
225 Principal Diseases of Farm Raised Catfish AL 1979
226 Patterns of Food Intake and Nutritional Health of Preadolescent Girls VA 1977
227 Transportation Rates for Corn, Wheat and Soybeans TN 1978
228 The Boll Weevil: Management Strategies AR 1978
229 Tenderness Measurements of Beef Carcasses and Meat from Nine Southern Agricultural Experiment Station NC 1978
230 Vine-Ripe Tomato Production and Marketing in North Carolina and Tennessee NC 1978
231 Economic Thresholds and Sampling of Heliothis Species on Cotton, Corn, Soybeans and Other Host Plants TX 1979
232 Performance of Selected Fabrics Treated with Flame Retardant Finishes AL 1978
233 An Economic Analysis of Sweet Potato Production and Marketing in North Carolina, Georgia, and Louisiana FL 1978
234 Herbicide Movement From Application Sites and Effects on Non-Target Species MS 1978
235 Small Farms; Estimated Income and Farm Organization Changes of Small Farms to Beef Price, Wage, Off-Farm Employment in Beef Cattle Prices, Farm Opportunities and the Exclusion of Cash Field Crop Enterprises GA 1978
236 Assembling and Transporting Cotton to Domestic Mills and Ports by South Central and Southeastern Shippers AR 1979
237 Factors Affecting Southern Regional Production Advantages for Juniperus Chinesis Pfitzeriana TN 1979
238 Distribution on Pecan Across the Pecan Belt TX 1979
240 Size and Growth Characteristics of Angus Cows in the Southern Region AR 1979
241 Factors Affecting Southern Regional Production Advantages for Kurume Azaleas Tn 1979
242 Animal Waste Treatments and Recycling Systems KY 1979
243 Recommended Guidelines to the Sweet Potato Industry for Meeting the Needs of Consumer MS 1979